This series explores the complexities of the human condition and the ways in which identity—individual, cultural, and generational—is constructed and negotiated. I seek to explore the relationships between our perception of the contemporary world and how it is impacted by our experiences, using allegorical compositions that reflect on the nuanced nature of identity. Inspired by my fascination with the depths of emotionality that we all experience, these paintings invite the viewer to engage with the work on multiple levels, in both deeply personal and universally relatable ways.

My paintings often depict isolated figures with everyday objects and scenes in an unusual and unexpected way that imbue them with a sense of magic and mystery. The result is a series of dreamlike and otherworldly imageries that blur the lines between reality and imagination. Inspired by magical realist and surrealist artists such as Peter Blume and Rene Magritte, the paintings create a sense of unreality that draws the viewer into the fantastical world that is, in fact, a representation of our reality. The identity of the solitary figures is often hidden to add to the mystery and intrigue that build the dialogue between the painting and the audience. The masks we wear are both a defense mechanism and a form of self-expression, and these paintings explore the tension between the two impulses while creating a space for viewers to reflect on their own experiences with coping strategies, self-discovery, and expression.

These images are my attempt at visually representing the various emotions, states of mind, struggles, and choices we make that impact our values and identities. By providing a realistic context for uncanny composition, these images explore the human condition in a way that is subtle and nuanced. I hope to encourage the viewers to engage with the work on a deeper level by reflecting on their own experiences and perceptions and connect with the shared human experience and the surrealness of the reality that we face daily.